November 6, 2020

Top Four Restaurants to Chow Down in Hawaii

Top Four Restaurants to Chow Down in Hawaii

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When it comes to Hawaiian delicacies, you’d be surprised to know that there is more than just your typical tropical fruit and cocktail. There’s actually a very diverse array of food for everybody that visits that you would’ve never thought were being served in Hawaii.

Here, it is custom to make sure that the guests are meant to feel at home and to shower them with culture and exotic tastes. So to ensure that you have the best time in Hawaii, here are the top restaurants to satisfy your palette. 

Ethel’s Grill. 

This restaurant located near the docks has quite a lot of history to it. It’s been serving almost everybody that has gone and went to and from Honolulu, for decades. From truck drivers to tourists and even politicians. This place is a must-visit, especially since it has some of the most diverse arrays of foods, thanks to the Japanese and Mexican heritage that the owners have.

Helena’s Hawaiian Food. 

Now, if you’re looking for that authentic Hawaiian dish, then look no further than Helena’s Hawaiian Food. Here, you will have the option to choose from all the best dishes that Hawaii can serve you. You can order in sets that can get you food like Kalua Pig, Lomi salmon, pipikalua, and squid lū’au. And if you want, you can also decide to take this to your hotel room, and enjoy the stunning view as you chow down with the best local food you can get.

Maguro Brothers. 

Hawaii, being a tropical island, has a lot of fish dishes that actually go back to other Asian countries like Japan, and so enters the Maguro Brothers. You can find this unique shop hidden deep inside Chinatown’s Kekaulike Market. Here, it’s all about the knife work, with it having some of the best at the field working at the frontline. Their main dish? Sashimi platters, donburi, and poke by the bowl. Truly, if you want a to-go dish while you head to the beaches of Honolulu, then the Maguro Brothers have got you covered.

Rangoon Burmese Kitchen. 

Now, if you’re up for something more greeny and leafy, then how about a salad at Rangoon Burmese Kitchen! This is the second restaurant from Khun Sai in Honolulu, and it flew right under the radar for most people when it opened. Having some of the best salads in town. With layers of texture and crisp surrounding the dishes, you would think that this is actually the best the salad-sad town has to offer, and it is! So if you want to get your daily veggies, head on over to Rangoon Burmese Kitchen for some salad out of this world.


Hawaii does not fall short on its food. With so many cultures being mixed and mashed around the place, you will find just about anything and everything you ever wanted out of a meal. And these are just the well-known restaurants, there are even more out there that could even be better than the ones listed as well! But, there’s really only one way to find out, and that’s to head to Hawaii herself and have a taste of some of the most exotic foods from one of the best tropical countries out there.