What We Do

We at the Hurricane Harvey Rescue Organization know first hand the challenges and difficulties faced by anyone who has been through a hurricane. We have friends affected by devastating hurricanes, losing their houses, belongings, and personal items.

A hurricane can be so disastrous because nobody knows when it’s going to strike, how long it will last, how destructive it will be, and most challenging, if and/or when to leave their home.

Since the devastating Hurricane Harvey, many businesses have offered helpful thoughts and advice on how to prevent such damage from happening again with a hurricane.

We aim to use this website as a resource for others wanting to know more about how best to prepare for a hurricane, especially when it comes to preparing your house.

We look forward to hearing your advice and thoughts on how we can best prepare our world for hurricanes. If you have anything you’d like to share, please get in touch with us here.

We also take your privacy very seriously. To read our privacy policy, check it out here.